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Im trying to learn how too use Wireshark properly. And im wondering if Wireshark can read encrypted data it captures when sniffing? if so how do I initiate this?

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Wireshark supports decrypting SSL/TLS sessions if you provide it the private key the server uses to do key exchange. If if a cipher suite is chosen that uses ephemeral keys, you will not be able to decrypt data.

You can read more about this capability on the Wireshark wiki for SSL

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Wireshark can dissect some types of encrypted data, in some circumstances; this includes SSL/TLS sessions, as per Dev's answer, and also includes WEP and WPA/WPA2 PSK 802.11 traffic, if you have the network password and, in the case of WPA/WPA2, the initial EAPOL handshake. For that, see the Wireshark Wiki's "How to Decrypt 802.11" page.

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