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I have file which contains a list of coordinates. I would like to take each point and plot it one after another, creating some sort of animation.

Assuming I am getting the data like this, what should I do in order to have each point plotted for a split second and then replaced with the next one?

for line in f:
    data = line.split(',')
    x_coord = data[0]
    y_coord = data[1]
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Maybe you can use matplotlib.animation? –  Steinar Lima Oct 20 '13 at 23:27
See questions like… –  tcaswell Oct 21 '13 at 1:08

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Plotting one by one isn't the answer - you're unlikely to be able to control the speed at which each plot call pops up on the screen, as that may be window-manager dependent and won't create a good user experience.

If you don't need a live animation, you could render each plot as a PNG, then use mencoder to generate the animation, as described in the Matplotlib FAQ.

If you do want a live animation, that's what matplotlib's animation is for. Steinar Lima links to a good Stack Overflow answer above.

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