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How do I refer to assets within a CSS file?

I am using Play Framework 2.1.3 (Scala).

    font-family: RockSalt;
    src: url('...something.../assets/fonts/MyFont.ttf');
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There's nothing magic about this topic in Play , just use relative paths to your font files in your CSS file. ie. if you have css and fonts folders on the same level it will be:

src: url('../fonts/MyFont.ttf');

if you are using default route for assets it can be also path that is relative to app's root:

src: url('/assets/fonts/MyFont.ttf');
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Absolute paths wont work- the point of doing in a view is because the app context is configurable. You can do something similar in js using the javascript router helper. I was just wondering if there is the same feature for working with css. I'll try a relative path. – latj Oct 22 '13 at 19:03

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