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Flot documentation says that it is based on javascript timestamp.

I have tried to convert my JSON to comply this standard, and my JSON looks like this

{"label":"Activation","data": [

And i setup flot options like this

xaxis: {tickSize: 1,mode: "time", timeformat: "%H:%M:%S"}

The chart never up :(

Well actually the goal is simple, I just want to show a flot chart with 08:02:30 08:02:31 as the xaxis info. Thanks for any help.

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Your problem is that you're passing in your dates as strings.

> new Date("1382061194000")
Invalid Date
> new Date(1382061194000)
Thu Oct 17 2013 21:53:14 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Try removing the quotes (around your data points too) and see what that does.

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