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I am trying to implement the new structure of here map(asp.net web app) , however, I cannot see the features of passing the location information and retrieving the certain address via javascript and stick that info with a bubble on the marker.

Appreciate for any advises. cheers

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I'm sorry, it's entirely unclear what you're asking. What have you tried, and what problem are you having? –  Christian Ternus Oct 21 '13 at 1:19
It was about the attribute of locations - It's done. However, my current problem is that how to call the reverseGeoCode method more than once to have more marker on the map with the address on bubbles? I cannot do loop that : map.addListener("displayready", function () { searchManager.reverseGeoCode({ latitude: reverseGeoCodeTerm.latitude, longitude: reverseGeoCodeTerm.longitude, onComplete: processResults }); }); as I've got more lat and long –  mehmet Oct 21 '13 at 5:05

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I think you are looking to make multiple concurrent reverse geocode requests. There is no problem in doing this, since the calls are asynchronous, you just need to keep a count on which requests have completed, and call your "do-after-all-completed" stuff once at the end:


function concurrentSearch(map){
    // we will put our address markers into this container
    addressContainer = new nokia.maps.map.Container();
    managersFinished = 0;

    //Locations to be displayed
    latLngs= [[10,30], [-117.5, 15.3] ... etc];
    var  i = latLngs.length;

    while(i--) {
            latitude: latLngs[i][0],
            longitude: latLngs[i][1],
            onComplete: processResults

With a callback function as shown:

   function processResults(data, requestStatus) {
        if (requestStatus == "OK") {
            // if we are finished, we add a marker for the mapped position
            var marker = new nokia.maps.map.StandardMarker(data.location[0].position);
            marker.content = data.location[0].address.text; // add your content here
            //increment the counter to notify another manager has finished
        } else if(requestStatus === "ERROR") {
            // we'll also increment in case of an error

        // if all managers are finished, we call the final function
        if(managersFinished === latLngs.length) {

And the final clean up:

 function onAllManagersFinished() {
        //we get the bounding box of the container
        var bbox = addressContainer.getBoundingBox();

        // if the bounding box is null then there are no objects inside
        // meaning no markers have been added to it

        if (bbox != null) {
                // we have at least one address mapped
                // so we add the container and zoomTo it
        } else {
                // otherwise we'll pop up an error message
                alert("There are no addresses to show :(");

Futhermore, you could add a single event handler on the container, which could open the infobubbles for all of your locations:

    function (evt) { 
        infoBubbles.openBubble(evt.target.content, // content is your own stuff...

If you need to pass in more of your information when reverse-geocoding, you can do it in the manner described in the question here

The solution to a similar problem (multiple geocoding requests) can be found here.

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