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Im Assembly language how can i accses defined bytes (db) in an external asm file? For example:

::File 1::

;All it contains is bytes in this file
BytesIWant db 'Hello, World!$'

::File 2::

;In this file i want to print out the BytesIWant variable from File 1
mov ah, 09
mov dx, BytesIWant
int 21

Now how can i accomplish this task? And I also have one more question. How can i run another asm file from the host file. Example: ::Host File::

;Random asm code goes here
{Here i want to start another asm program}

::Program To Start:: Ex. NextThing.bin

mov ah, 09
mov dx, hi
int 21

hi db 'Hello!$'
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1) Use a linker 2) depends on your OS API. –  Martin James Oct 21 '13 at 4:23
How do I use a linker? And the so is my own compeletly done in assembly –  Frostsoft Oct 21 '13 at 5:35
You seem to be writing a DOS program, so you should specify -f obj when you assemble, and then use TASM's tlink or MASM's link to link the object files into an executable. –  Michael Oct 21 '13 at 7:44
Can that work with linking files as a binary? –  Frostsoft Oct 21 '13 at 23:33

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I am not sure if i understand the question. It is about how to start another executable from a currently running executable, or it is a question how to link two objectfiles from the assembler together for to get only one executable file?

For to load and execute another executable within a running executable we can use the DOS "EXEC"-function with AH=4Bh and AL=1 of the int 21h with DS:DX pointing to the ASCIZ program name with extension and with ES:BX pointing to a parameter block. We have to save the addresses of our currently SS and SP registers in a memory location and after the child executable terminated, we have to load it back.

Example of a parameter block:

PARBLOCK  equ THIS WORD                ; Parameter-Block for the EXEC-Function
          DW 0                         ; same environment-block
          DW OFFSET COMLINE            ; Offset- and Segment- address
          DW SEG CODE                  ;  of the command line
          DD 0                         ; no data in PSP #1
          DD 0                         ; no data in PSP #2
COMLINE   DB 80h dup (0)               ; command line


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Thanks for the feedback but im running this off my own custom OS so it cannot use int 0x21 therefore i need another way to locate and execute the binary of the file. –  Frostsoft Mar 1 '14 at 19:08

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