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I am working on a Team Treehouse Ruby on Rails app that emulates a basic Facebook app.

I am now added social feature's like friends.

I recently added the following link to one of my views:

<%= link_to "Add Friend", new_user_friendship_path(friend_id: @user), class: 'btn' %>

When click the resulting button, I get the following error:

Routing Error

uninitialized constant UserFriendshipsController
Try running rake routes for more information on available routes.

I am thinking the problem is in either my "user_friendship_controller.rb" of "config/routes.rb " file.

Here is my "user_friendship_controller.rb file:

class UserFriendshipsController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :authenticate_user!, only: [:new]

  def new
    if params[:friend_id]
      @friend = User.where(profile_name: params[:friend_id]).first
      @user_friendship = @friend)
      flash[:error] = "Friend required"
  rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
    render file: 'public/404', status: :not_found

And here is my "config/routes" file:

Treebook::Application.routes.draw do
  as :user do
    get '/register', to: 'devise/registrations#new',via: :get, as: :register
    get '/login', to: 'devise/sessions#new', via: :get, as: :login
    get '/logout', to: 'devise/sessions#destroy', via: :delete, as: :logout

  devise_for :users, :skip => [:sessions]

  as :user do
    get '/login' => 'devise/sessions#new', as: :new_user_session
    post '/login' => 'devise/sessions#create', as: :user_session
    delete '/logout' => 'devise/sessions#destroy', as: :destroy_user_session

  resources :user_friendships do

  resources :statuses
  get 'feed', to: 'statuses#index', as: :feed
  root to: 'statuses#index'

  get '/:id', to: 'profiles#show', as: 'profile'

Any help figuring out this bug is a great help.


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It looks like it's just a simple mis-naming of your file.

Try renaming it to user_friendships_controller.rb. Rails expects your class declaration to match the file name (as it stands it'd be looking for you to define UserFriendshipController).

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