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I'm having some problems when trying to add a class to a variable and then append this to another div. When I do this, the text appears but without the class I am trying to add to it. I am doing all of this with jQuery.

This is the code:

var names = $(this).attr('name');
var description = $(this).attr('description');
var url = $(this).attr('url');


$(div1).append( names + " " + description + " " + url);

I guess I am doing something wrong but can't see where.

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What are the attributes 'name', 'description' and 'url' can you give us an example of the html of this element –  megawac Oct 21 '13 at 2:42
The attributes are different contents of an .xml –  Bruno G Oct 21 '13 at 12:26
Can you tell me what the xml node will look like and what the desired appended content of $(div1) should be –  megawac Oct 21 '13 at 12:48
Sure, the xml looks like this:<Blogs> <blog name="number1" description="1" url=" 1.com/"/>; <blog name="number2" description="2" url="2.com/"/>; <blog name="number3" description="3" url="3.com"; />" </Blogs> –  Bruno G Oct 21 '13 at 20:08
the content is only text which i want to give a class –  Bruno G Oct 21 '13 at 20:10

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You are creating a jQuery wrapper for name and adding a class to it but then you are appending the previous string reference instead of the jQuery wrapper to which the class was added.

Also you can't add class to a text node so try wrapping it with a span element(if name is not a html content like <span>some name</span>)

var names = $('<span />', {
    text : $(this).attr('name'),
    'class' : 'nam'
var description = $(this).attr('description');
var url = $(this).attr('url');

$(div1).append( names).append( " " + description + " " + url);
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Why do you need to do $(names).addClass("nam"); when you have 'class' : 'nam' –  Scary Wombat Oct 21 '13 at 2:48
@user2310289 thanks.... forgot to removed it... fixed –  Arun P Johny Oct 21 '13 at 2:49
Thanks Arun P Johny, but I tried what you suggested but didn't work, now the names are not appearing. I forgot to tell you that the attributes are text from an .xml, maybe thats why it doesn't work. Thanks for the response. –  Bruno G Oct 21 '13 at 12:28

First off for this answer I am assuming we're using an xml string of the format you provided in your comment on op. Note - I did correct the syntax of the string to remove the extraneous semi colons.

var xmlstring = '<Blogs> <blog name="number1" description="1" url=" 1.com/"/> <blog name="number2" description="2" url="2.com/"/> <blog name="number3" description="3" url="3.com;" />" </Blogs>'

Now we can parse this string as expected into a jQuery object and use mostly as expected:
var $doc = $($.parseXML(xmlstring));

I'm assuming in your original example that this blog refers to one of these sub blogs so I'm going to say for my example:

var $this = $doc.find("blog:eq(2)");//the blog name=number3 in your example 
var $this = $(this);//useful so we dont keep rewrapping

Okay so now we have our blog ($this) and we can append the contents to div1 as follows:

var names = $("<span>", {text:$this.attr('name'), 'class': 'nam'});
var description = $this.attr('description');
var url = $this.attr('url');

$(div1).append( names, description + " " + url);//as names is a span element

I tested this on an empty div and it produced the following outerhtml:
"<div><span class="nam">number3</span>3 3.com;</div>"

Hope this helped, I tried to explain steps because I'm not sure where what you're doing was deviating.

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