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I have this:

(defun promptread (prompt) 
  (format *query-io* "~10t~a:" prompt)
  (force-output *query-io*)
  (read-line *query-io*))
(defun prompt-cd ()
     (promptread "Artist")
     (promptread "Album")
     (promptread "Rating")
     (promptread "Like [y/n]")))

It works, however the format ~10t only affects the first call to promptread inside make-cd; the others are left-aligned without this padding.

Why would this be?


CL-USER> (addcds)

The first promptread is indented because of the format with ~10t but not the others, which use the same exact format call.

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Can you give complete code, the results, plus what you expect? We can't really verify what's going on, since we don't have any of this. – zck Oct 21 '13 at 5:30
@zck updated question – johnbakers Oct 21 '13 at 6:03
Looks like Terje D. has answered your question, but it's best to try to post all the code that someone would need to reproduce your error. I can't run addcds, because you haven't provided the code for it. You have your answer now, so we don't really need the code, but to make future questions easier, make it possible for us to reproduce the error. – zck Oct 21 '13 at 23:16
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The problem is that after force-output and readline, the cursor is not known to formatto be at position 0. Thus absolute tabulation will fail. If you start the format string with ~&, you will see this as an additional newline will be outputted anyway.

To solve the problem use the @ modifier to get relative tabulation:

(format *query-io* "~10@t~a:" prompt)
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