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I need to generate random 3D coordinates, so that every run has new random points. I am trying to add seed to avoid having same points every time.

So far I have tried this

from random import *
rnd = random.Random(8)
x,y,z = 7.045,23.569,63.447

x1,y1,z1 = (rnd.uniform(x-3.5,x+3.5),rnd.uniform(y-3.5,y+3.5),rnd.uniform(z-3.5,z+3.5))
newcord = [x1,y1,z1]
print newcord

What am I doing wrong?

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Use random.seed function? –  Shashank Oct 21 '13 at 6:27

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Change the second line rnd = random.Random(8) to rnd = Random(). Otherwise it should work fine.

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To set the seed using your existing code:

import random as rnd
x,y,z = 7.045,23.569,63.447
newcord = [rnd.uniform(x-3.5,x+3.5),rnd.uniform(y-3.5,y+3.5),rnd.uniform(z-3.5,z+3.5)]
print newcord

Using the seed means each time you run the code you will get the same random numbers. This way your results are reproducible.

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