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I am trying to iterate a list to create a select drop-down box. My code is shown below as a web component

<!DOCTYPE html>
<polymer-element name="epimss-name">
    <label for='titleCmbo' id='titleLbl'>Title</label>

    <template repeat="{{title in titleList}}">
      <select id='titleCmbo'>
        <option value='{{title}}'>{{title}}</option>

  <script type="application/dart">

    import 'package:polymer/polymer.dart';

    @CustomTag( 'epimss-name' )
    class NameElement extends PolymerElement
      final List<String> titleList = toObservable([ '', 'Dr', 'Miss', 'Mr', 'Mrs', 'Prof'  ]);

  </script> </polymer-element>

As the code is, it creates a separate combo for each iteration. If I move the tags outside of the nested template, the editor complains.

What is the proper way to do this?


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You can use the template attribute on the option tag. It will repeat the option element and loop value for each item in the template collection.

<select id="titleCmbo">
  <option value="{{title}}" template repeat="{{title in titleList}}">
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Thanks Nathaniel. It works. – st_clair_clarke Oct 30 '13 at 3:22
@st_clair_clarke You should accept the answer by clicking the check mark below the up/down-vote counter. – Günter Zöchbauer Jan 28 '14 at 15:10

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