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Is there a way to determine "BigQuery Data Location Setting", similar to "Cloud Storage Data Location Setting" or “Datastore Data Location Setting”?

Apparently there are some legal & tax issues for companies operating outside of the US when using services hosted in the US. Our legal guys have asked me to configure the BigQuery location to be in EU. But i couldn't find where to configure this.


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There isn't currently a way to locate your BigQuery data in the EU. Right now, all of it is located in the United States.

That said, one of the reasons why this hasn't been done yet is due to lack of customer interest in EU datacenters. If you have a relationship with google cloud support and want this feature, please let them know. Alternately, vote up the question and we'll take that into account when we prioritize new features.

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Thanks......... –  N.N. Oct 22 '13 at 8:37

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