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I'm using http://community.opscode.com/cookbooks/nginx to install Nginx on Vagrant

I'd like for Nginx to start with my configuration file /home/vagrant/nginx/nginx.conf, however it seems to insist on using etc/nginx/nginx.conf

The relevant section of my Vagrantfile is:

chef.add_recipe "ohai"
chef.add_recipe "runit"
chef.add_recipe "nginx"

chef.json = {
    :nginx => {
        :install_method => "source",
        :source => {
            :version => "1.4.1",
            :conf_path => "#{VAGRANT_HOME_DIRECTORY}/nginx/nginx.conf",

What's going on here??

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I'd also be cool with installing it from the package. In the end, I really just want it to run using my nginx.conf... –  user1161657 Oct 21 '13 at 7:58

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I install and configure nginx with my requirements as below. This is my recipe for nginx installation and configuration:

include_recipe "apt"

apt_repository 'nginx' do
  uri          'http://nginx.org/packages/ubuntu/'
  distribution node['lsb']['codename']
  components   ['nginx']
  key          'http://nginx.org/keys/nginx_signing.key'
  deb_src      true

apt_package 'nginx' do
  action :install

file "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf" do
   action :delete

cookbook_file "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf" do
   source "nginx.conf"
   action :create

service "nginx" do
   action :start


  1. Configure the nginx repo under sources.list. This needs the apt cookbook which provides apt_repository LWRP,
  2. Delete the existing /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and copy a pre-defined one using cookbook_file. I have already configured nginx.conf as per my requirements and saved it under files directory of the cookbook.

Bottom line, I do not install nginx using the nginx cookbook; instead, I install it as a package and then configure it as per my needs.

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The delete action is redundant, since the cookbook_file block will overwrite whatever is present anyway. By omitting the delete action, you can at least see a diff in the output to warn you that something just changed. –  DGM May 14 at 21:48

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