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I have a HTML file and it has some information in spanish. I am using a third party control to convert this HTML file into RTF document. The third party software I am using is Subsystems HTML Addon.

The HTML file has

<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

I think the subsystems software is not able to recognize the characters greater than 127.

I tried replacing the characters with ASCII>127 to their HTML entity code For ex, ò with &#149; and then sending the document to converter but that didn't help.

Any one has any ideas?

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Did you try just asking their technical support? The product page says it supports Arabic/Hebrew and Asian languages, so it sounds like they definitely support values above ASCII 127. It's probably an issue with getting the right encoding.

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The magic word is encoding. The question is what encoding your HTML file is in, and what encoding you need in your RTF file.

Here is some very good basic reading on the issue if you're interested. Otherwise, you'll have to determine the HTML files actual, and the RTF file's actual encodings.

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