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I have an array rows containing some values every value correspond to a specific item with a specific name this is why I changed the format of the array and added item names besides to the values in an new array:

var data = [];
 var rows = new Array(
                   Array("2011-10-01 20:46:04",63.4,10,44,55,22),
                   Array("2012-10-01 17:02:04",40,22,4,10,54),
                   Array("2013-10-02 19:55:44",0,40,50,74,54),                        Array("2013-10-03 19:55:44",56,75,36,41,55),
                    Array("2013-10-04 19:55:44",12,0,44,74,85)
 //give every velue a name
     for (var i =0; i < rows.length; i++) {
           data.push({"Year": (rows[i][0]).toString(), 
               "key0": (rows[i][1]),
               "key1": (rows[i][2]),
               "key2": (rows[i][3]),
               "key3": (rows[i][4]),
               "key4": (rows[i][5])});

but what if I have an array that contains already items names just like the one containing values:rows, how to combaine them to obtain the same data array

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fyi, there's no need to use var rows = new Array(/* items */) in javascript, you can just use var rows = [ /* items */ ] –  Gal V Oct 21 '13 at 9:17

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