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I have encountered a problem while using the Clipboard in a WPF Application: My code looks like this:

        var msg = "sample message for the clipboard";

But only "\t\t\t\r\n" gets stored in my clipboard. This is the only code that uses the Clipboard in my application and it gets called.

*Edit: Found the error. I used the above code for a copy-paste operation in a DataGridRow. This works for that:

 private void OnCopyingRowClipboardContent(object sender, DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs e)
            var msg = "sample"
            e.ClipboardRowContent.Add(new DataGridClipboardCellContent(e.Item, (sender as DataGrid).Columns[0], msg));

I guess the problem was that it automatically tried to copy sth out of my DataGrid after my Clipboard.SetText(..) and overwrote my text again.

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Clearing the Clipboard is redundant as SetText does that automatically for you.

This is what I usually use:

Clipboard.SetText(msg, TextDataFormat.Text);



Reference is here

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    protected void clipboardSetText(string inTextToCopy)
        var clipboardThread = new Thread(() => clipBoardThreadWorker(inTextToCopy));
        clipboardThread.IsBackground = false;
    private void clipBoardThreadWorker(string inTextToCopy)
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