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I am using xlC (Version: 11.01.0000.0011).

While build i am using "-g" to have debug information in build.
there are many object files (>500) due to which resultant shared file (.so) will have huge size.

I can't reduce optimization level.
Is there any way or flag is present by using which i can reduce size of shared file (.so) without much loss of debug info?

File size if 2.3GB. due to which i can't link it to other places. I need to make it less than 2GB.

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You can specify the linker option -bstabcmpct:2 at link time to compact the debug information in the shared file that is created.

Alternatively, you could specify the linker option -bstabsplit at link time, which will not put the debug information in the shared object that is created, but instead will create a separate file, with the extension ".stab", that contains the debug information. You can then tell dbx to use this .stab file with its -B option.

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Thx a lot for info. I tried these options. My file size is 2.3GB. when i used "-bstabcmpct:2" it reduced to 2.1Gb but still till won't go less than 2 GB it's not supported by file system and can't link this file to other. and on using "-bstabsplit" its giving "d: 0706-010 The binder was killed by a signal: Segmentation fault". Please help. –  Abhi Oct 22 '13 at 9:00
Is there any flag with which we can specify size of file to be linked. In other words can I somehow link a file with size 2.3GB? –  Abhi Oct 23 '13 at 17:54

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