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On my website I have something like this:

<div id="videoContainer">
<section id="dynamicContent">lorem ipsum...</section>
<video id="video">

Now #dynamicContent and #video positions are absolute (both 100% width and height). I want #dynamicContent to overlay the video. Now everything works just fine on desktop browsers. The problem is that when I enter the website using iPad and click on the overlaying block (#dynamicContent) the device is trying to click on everything under this overlaying block. For example: when I click on the middle of the #dynamicContent, the video starts even if it's under the block. When I do the same for example in PC Firefox, nothing happens and this is what I'm trying to accomplish. How can I do this?

Some fiddle: attempts

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Maybe because your <section> is a sibling of your <video> and as it is the first child of your #videoContainer it is not on top of <video> but below.

Is there any js involved?

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I've changed their places... didn't help. No JS involved. jsfiddle.net/wmd5Y/7 –  user2394156 Oct 21 '13 at 13:53

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