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From a user perspective, when we make an outgoing call, here are the steps involved:

  1. Open dialer app and dial a number (or select a contact directly)
  2. The contact's phone starts ringing
  3. The contact picks up the call
  4. After talking for sometime, the call is hung up

    I want to detect steps 2 and 3. I believe an outgoing call is detected by listening to the intent android.intent.action.NEW_OUTGOING_CALL. I also see the phone states - IDLE, OFFHOOK, RINGING. I understand OFFHOOK means a call is in progress (and RINGING is only for incoming calls).

    But OFFHOOK can mean either step 2 or 3. How can I detect steps 2 and 3 separately or just step 2?

    Step 2 is my priority.

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