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Sorry guys i'm new in this.

I need to make a site with a lot of categories and i don't have the time to put every list item between the opening and closing option tags. Its a big amount of words. So is there some kind of generator who can nest a entire list between the opening and closing option tags for a select form field? Or do i have to write everything by my self between this tags? Would be very great to have some solution for this thanks.

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Personally I would recommend Zen Coding with NotePad++ (or another supported IDE):


You can select a set of items each on a separate line:

enter image description here

Go to Zen Coding > Wrap with Abbreviation and type in option*:

enter image description here

Each item in the list will be surrounded with the option tag:

enter image description here

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You could generate your code with Excel or Excel like programs like Open Office Calc

Else, you can use the Notepad++ macro.

Personally i would use Notepad++ macro to do the job. It's very simple and will take you only a couple minutes. Use CTRL+SHIFT+R to start recording and the hit CTRL+SHIFT+R to end the recording. Finally press CTRL+SHIFT+P until everything is between the option tag.

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thank youu very useful –  Georg Kirschstein Oct 26 '13 at 6:06

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