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I can not solve problem with production environment. My application.css on heroku is empty, while in development it's wokrks fine.

In my application.rb I added this: config.assets.enabled = true config.assets.compress = false but it still doesn't work.

Precompiling is not working too. After I made it, heroku puts a message that it have found a manifest file, but still - is not working. To rollback it i used rake assets:clean. The message still appears.

What can I do? I have only one CSS file with no JS.

Link to app:

Part of my Application.css:

* This is a manifest file that'll be compiled into application.css, which will include all      the files
* listed below.
* Any CSS and SCSS file within this directory, lib/assets/stylesheets, vendor/assets/stylesheets,
* or vendor/assets/stylesheets of plugins, if any, can be referenced here using a relative path.
* You're free to add application-wide styles to this file and they'll appear at the top of the
* compiled file, but it's generally better to create a new file per style scope.
*= require_self
*= require_tree .

html, body, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, ul, li {
 margin: 0;
 padding: 0;

body {
 font-family: "Noto Sans", sans-serif;
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Please refer to the following from Heroku's documentation:

If a public/assets/manifest.yml is detected in your app, Heroku will assume you are handling asset compilation yourself and will not attempt to compile your assets.

You must either delete your manifest.yml file to let Heroku manage your assets or properly configure it.

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In both situations pushing to Heroku goes right, but files is not GETed by browser. Unfortunatelly, I tried everything in documentation but styles still not appears... Is there are a way to disable sprockets in Heroku? – Pavel Tkackenko Oct 21 '13 at 13:36

Try the following...

Add to gemfile:

gem 'rails_12factor', group: :production

Add to /config/production.rb:

config.serve_static_assets = true

config.action_dispatch.x_sendfile_header = 'X-Accel-Redirect'

config.assets.compile = true


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