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I am working on building an application which needs to be distributed to users of different business organization.

So my question is Can I enroll for a iOS Enterprise Program and distribute application to these business users?

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You will risk breaking the agreement with Apple when you distribute apps signed with enterprise certificate to anyone outside your organisation. Ideally your client should provide you with his enterprise certificate. Read more.. –  Amar Oct 21 '13 at 11:36

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From what I understood from enterprise program, you can distribute applications only to employees of the company you enroll. So if the companies are different you can't, but if they are under the same umbrella you can do it.

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No, the enterprise Program only allows distribution among employees of the company. As clearly state on the iOs Developer Enterprise Program website.

Distribute In-house Apps

Distribute proprietary, in-house iOS apps to your employees. You can also securely host and wirelessly distribute or update in-house apps to employees, keeping them current anywhere, anytime.

But is will work, with the enterprise account you can install the application without register the UDID. But be aware that allow the app to be installed by none employees is against the license, which if Apple found out could they could retract to the license.

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