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i've been searching for a long time now and couldn't find a solution.

That's the scenario:

  • I have a dll with various functions which I like to use as user-defined-functions in Excel
  • The dll was not created by me
  • I cannot simply change the dll file to an xll file, as suggested on some sites (excel won't accept it as a valid addin)
  • My workaround: I'm using XLW to create a xll Addin for Excel and
  • the xll file should load the dll, making its functions available for excel

Problem: LoadLibrary("AbsolutePathToDll\TheDLL.dll") always fails with Error 126. The dll exists under the given path. The xll compiles, the error appears in Excel. I used DependencyWalker to analyse my xll, and it says that MSVCR90D.DLL is missing.

Does LoadLibrary return Error 126 because MSVCR90D.DLL is missing, or because I don't load my TheDll.dll properly? Here's the code:

double // squares a number using theDll.dll
squareInCpp(double &arg // arg to square
    libHandle = LoadLibraryA("C:\\Programme\\XLW\\xlw-5.0.0f0\\xlw\\examples\\MyExample\\vc9\\Debug\\TheDLL.dll");// <------------------- ERROR 126
    if (!libHandle) {
        double err = GetLastError();
        return err; //err=126

    //do something...

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Ok, I can't answer yet, so I'll post my solution as comment: it's pretty simple. I was working with the debug version of the dll. If I use the release version everything is fine (the release version does not need the MSVCR90D.dll for example). –  SeanKw Oct 21 '13 at 13:49

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