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I have the following example code

extends layout

block append content
 - var user = {name:'hello word'}
 include includes/header
    - each blog in blogs
             a(href="/blog/"+blog._id)!= blog.title
          div.created_at= blog.created_at
         div.body= blog.body.substring(0,100) + ' ... '
           a(href="/blog/"+blog._id)!= 'Read More'
  include includes/footer

This renders HTML output that contains

  <hello world><hello>

Can anyone explain what is going on here according to the Jade tutorial this should render correctly ...

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Depends on what you were expecting the output to be. What would you consider "correct" in this case? –  Jonathan Lonowski Oct 21 '13 at 13:02

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If you were expecting hello world as text:

    hello world

Then, Jade needs just a bit more instruction since the default meaning of a line-break and indent is a child element.

Options include:

  • Keeping the element and text on the same line ("Inline in a Tag"):

    p #{user.name}

    Also, if that's the only text within the <p>:

    p= user.name
  • Using a | to specify the line as text ("Piped Text"):

      | #{user.name}
  • Trailing the element with a . so all content under it is text ("Block in a Tag"):

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