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I'm facing an issue regarding the configuration of one of my enforcer custom rules.

The plugin configuration inside my POM file looks like this:

                <uTF8Rule implementation="com.mavenrules.utf8validator.UTF8Rule">

Dependencies to the Rule have been declared in the parent POM.

What I want is to be able to specify a list/array of Paths as a property to the "uTF8Rule" instead of just a simple variable. (I want the POM to be responsible for the paths where my rule applies and not configure the rule to search various paths inside my basedir)

I was not able to find references/documentation regarding types of the rule properties.

A desired output would be something like:

    <uTF8Rule implementation="com.mavenrules.utf8validator.UTF8Rule">

Any idea is welcomed.

Thanks in advance!

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Objects within the configuration follow the JavaBean/pojo convention. So in this case:

public class com.mavenrules.utf8validator.UTF8Rule {
  private List<String> listOfPaths; // or String[]

This should already be enough, but is a bit useless. By adding a getter and setter you should be fine. If I call correctly some versions have trouble initiating the List or array, but that's sothing you can do yourself as well.

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