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i checked out a remote branch like git checkout -b newBranch origin/some-remote-branch. but whenever i do a push it is pushed to a new branch newBranch . how to tell git to automatically push to the branch i checkout out from origin ?


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git push origin newBranch:some-remote-branch

Or if you want it to do it automatically when you run git push, edit the entry in your .git/config to read as follows

[branch "newBranch"]
    remote = origin
    merge = refs/heads/some-remote-branch

You can also run git branch -u origin/some-remote-branch newBranch instead of editing .git/config manually.

And make sure you also have the following setting, so that push will push to the upstream by default (right now, the default is to push to the matching branchname):

    default = upstream

You can run git config push.default upstream to set this, or git config --global push.default upstream if you want to set this option globally for all of your repositories.

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If you only want the branch to push to specific remote branch, you need to set the upstream branch with git branch -u origin/some-remote-branch. Then you will only need to run git push

If it is always pushing to newBranch, I think that you are doing git push origin newBranch. This command pushes a new remote branch newBranch onto origin.

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