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I need to be able to export and import data from one instance of my application (spring / hibernate) to another.

My data are stored in multiple tables (with foreign key contraints), and can contain LOBs. I am also required to export the data in files (no specific format).

The Data pump API looks promising but I need to do something "easy to use" (basically a "export those data" button and nothing else), so I can't use external tools such as the one integrated in sql developer

Does spring provide a way to to use this API (or a similar one), or is there another framework that I could use?

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Have a look at the Spring Data and Batch projects. They might help.

I don't know what "from one instance to another" means. Are these separate versions?

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if export/import is between database then writing procedures sounds good to me.If it can be for any format(file/webservice) to any then go for mule( ,Spring batch.

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