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I know, silly question, but I am not a programmer and really need to known...

to look-for-food
  if food > 0
  [ set color orange + 1
    set food food - 1
    rt 180
    stop ]

  if (chemical >= 0.05) and (chemical < 2)
  [ uphill-chemical ]


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This language is called LOGO. It's often used with Turtle -- drawing lines on the screen.

Related Anecdote:

My first encounter with a computer was around 1985, in my classroom we had an Apple (Apple ][ probably?). This was one of the main programs that was available. I had learned how to do to in order to define a subroutine. I tried it once, but I couldn't remember the syntax for defining the specifics. And then when I tried to exit the to routine definition context, I couldn't remember how to exit it. The teacher could sense that I was confused, and was coming over to help me. I figured I'd be in trouble for straying beyond the scope of the exercise that I was supposed to be working on, and figured the teacher wouldn't know how to recover either. I panicked and powered off the computer. My first "did you try turning it off and on again?" experience! :)

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