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CentOS 6, Postfix, OpenDKIM

Have correct DNS records

Sending email using PHP mail() to appmaildev.com - returns auth-report:

SPF result: Pass

DKIM result: fail (wrong body hash: MpaYoPlKy8H4qX8syH3dOM1gPr6spBK5/INxl2X2uNs=)

Tried different solutions - no result

Any ideas?

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There are several causes for these two errors: the message may have been modified (perhaps by a mailing list or forwarder) in transit; the signature or hash values may have been calculated or applied incorrectly by the signer; the wrong public key value may have been published in DNS; or the message may have been spoofed by an entity not in possession of the private key needed to calculate a correct signature.

Any way you can check your DKIM entry for your MAIL-FROM domain here

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