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I have a route provider with following configuration.

            .when('/userStat/:pageNo' ,
                resolve: {
                    loadData: searchController.loadData


The loadData function i.e resolve method calls a service which needs around 6-7 parameters that I do not want to appear in route URL and all these are available in searchController scope. Is there a way i can pass those parameters in loadData function.

Code is like this.

            var deferred = $q.defer();

              return deferred.promise;

is there a way to pass those parameters in loadData function.

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The "searchController" scope doesn't really exist in the context you're thinking of.

What you should do is abstract the parameters currently in the searchController scope into a service, put your parameters there, and inject that into your loaddata function. If binding is important, you will either have to manually update that service's parameters based on $watch or you can put an object of parameters from the service into the searchController scope and regular binding will work.

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