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I'm trying to read the results of my map-reduce functions which is configured to be in an Avro format - but I can't.

The head of the part-00000 file looks like that:

0       Objavro.codenullavro.schema�G{
37         "type": "record",
59         "name": "xxx",
82         "fields": [
98           {
108           "name": "aaa",
141           "type": [
163           "string",
189           "null"
212                     ]
226             },

and so on.. (the left numbers are in the file!!).

How can I read this file?

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There are utilities like avrocat and avropipe. avrocat outputs each record in an Avro file on a single line, using the JSON encoding defined by the Avro spec. avropipe produces a separate line for each 'field' in each record; its output is (roughly speaking) what you'd get from piping the JSON encoding of each record through the jsonpipe tool.


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Thanks, but my question is not about regular Avro file. My question is about the part-00000 file as an output of mapreduce job with a number on the left side of each line.. – Venus Oct 21 '13 at 21:53

Are you trying to read this manually? Download the the avro-tools Jar at in .../java/avro-#.#.#/avro-tools-#.#.#.jar and then run:

java -jar avro-tools-*.jar tojson part-00000.avro > part-00000-converted.json

If you have a valid Avro output, the json file should contain the objects stored in part-00000.avro.

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