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I'm generating a static parser using ParserGenApp. The generated code contains assembler callbacks in the form 'parser:didMatch[Rule]:'. However, in your JavaScriptSyntaxParser in DempApp the callbacks have the form 'parser:didMatchInterior:' and alike. Can I get ParserGenApp to generate such calls? Or did you add them manually?


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Whose JavaScriptSyntaxParser? This isn't going directly to whatever team implemented parsekit or its demos, it's going to a generic programming community. Can you give a pointer? Also, it would be helpful to include a a few lines of your code, instead of simply describing it. – Bob Gilmore Oct 21 '13 at 15:34

Developer of ParseKit here.

The key is the setting of the "Post Match Callbacks" popup.

By default, the ParserGenApp is configured to produce the normal parser:didMatch[Rule]: callbacks. These are useful for most applications. (this is the "on All" setting).

But you are looking for the syntax tree callbacks like parser:didMatchInterior: and parser:didMatchLeaf:.

To generate the syntax tree callbacks, change the "Post Match Callbacks" popup to the "on Syntax" option. And regenerate.

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