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i want to store my irssi chat logs in a crypted partition, that does not mount automatically on boot. the irssi screen does start automatically on boot though, so there will be logs before the crypted partition is mounted.

the plan is:

  • final log dir: /mnt/crypt/irclogs
  • configured irssi log dir: /home/me/.irssi/logs
  • on crypt mount:
    • first: mv /home/me/.irssi/logs/* /mnt/crypt/irclogs/
    • then: mount -o bind /mnt/crypt/irclogs /home/me/.irssi/logs

but there are logfiles already in the destination directory, which will be overwritten with the mv command. there is the mv --backup option, that renames the old file to oldfile.log~1~ which is not really tidy and makes it harder to grep through all of them.

to make it worse, the structure is not limited to files, it has sub-folders for every irc network:


so i am looking for a bulletproof solution that works for the entire folder including sub-folders and append the newest log files to the existing old one, before the mount. any ideas?

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