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I'm trying to use an oauth provider that uses DevDefined OAuth and everything works perfectly until I request a secured resource and passing it an array with more than one value.

If I post only ONE value in the array, it works fine but as soon as I put more than one, I get 'Failed to validate signature'.

What am I missing?

Here's a code snip (I've removed the request and access token methods as they are working fine: (In PHP: Both cUrl and OAuth are enabled on my server setup)

try {
    $oauth = new OAuth($key,$secret, OAUTH_SIG_METHOD_HMACSHA1);   

    $oauth->setToken($accessToken->{'Value'}, $accessToken->{'TokenSecret'});
    $params = array('NameOfTheMethofParameter'=>array('value1', 'value2')); //<==== HERE: If I put only Value 1, everything works

    $oauth->setRequestEngine( OAUTH_REQENGINE_CURL );


    $oauth->fetch($api_url, $params, OAUTH_HTTP_METHOD_POST);

    $response_info = $oauth->getLastResponseInfo();

    echo $oauth->getLastResponse(); //Getting Failed to validate signature
catch(OAuthException $E) {
    echo "Exception caught!\n";
    echo "Response: ". $E->lastResponse . "\n";

Thanks a lot in advance!

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