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I am new to Neo4j but am excited about the possibilities. I have used a spreadsheet to create a script file that contains Cypher statements to create nodes and edges. My problem is that all of the documentation I have been able to find relies on Unix/Linux commands to load the data into the database. We are on a Windows environment that does not recognize these commands. I have tried using Cygwin to get around this but I get kernal errors whenever I try to run the commands. I have also tried copying the Cypher queries into the web ui but it seems I can only run one command at a time and there are over 600 commands. Multiple commands give an error when starting to read the second line.

Is there a way to batch load these cypher commands from a windows environment and if so how? If not is there another format such as CSV or REST that I need to use to load the data and if so what would be the Windows processes I should use?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide...

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When I started with Neo4J, I used Excel on Windows. I simply scripted the neo4j statements to load nodes and ran them in via the web based UI on localhost:7474. Neo4J is agnostic to the OS as it runs on a JVM; when you say Linux, I'm guessing your mean the curl command?

Have you checked out Michael Hunger's Neo4J Batch Import project?

See also Max's presentation Overview on importing

Import Large Graphs

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