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Im making a game that was built from 3 classes right now. 1st is the main document, the player, and the enemy. My question is, how do I interacte between the player and the enemy classes. for example, how do I call from the player class a function from the enemy class? or how do I change the enemy class's variable value from the player class? is there a general name to it so i can learn it myself?

Im quite new to actionscript 3 (2 months expirience) and Im designing my 3'd game right now. Somehow i managed to get by. making lots of non effective functions in the document class which made my code exetremly long.

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use a new static class (in addition to the classes you've built)


that stores the reference to the enemy and the player

package {

    public class InteractionManager {

        public static var enemy:Enemy = new Enemy();
        public static var player:Player = new Player();

        [special interaction methods besides the player and enemy methods]  


the player can call


and the enemy can call

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It works perfect!!! thank you!! But now that it works I have no idea why? Why is this class diffrent from the document class? If i type in the player class 'MainDocument.enemy.method();' it says acsess of undefind property of a refrence with static type class. – Ivan Solodov Oct 21 '13 at 20:00
I guess because enemy is a child of MainDocument, So you need to getChild (not sure that "getChildByName" will work for you). But InteractionManager holds a reference to enemy.. You can do the same thing in MainDocument. just copy "public static var enemy......" to the right place and there you go... Good Luck!! – Yitschak Oct 21 '13 at 21:20

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