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I am using libusb to interact with a usb device. I have created a Class and a member function will receive the input from the device and process it. I am using Asynchronous api. Now the libusb_fill_bulk_transfer() function call throws a compilation error:

void MyDeviceClass::on_connectButton_clicked()
   int r; //for return values
   ssize_t cnt; //holding number of devices in list
   r = libusb_init(&ctx); //initialize the library for the session we just declared
   if(r < 0) {
      qDebug()<<"Init Error "<<r<<endl; //there was an error

   libusb_fill_bulk_transfer( transfer_in, dev_handle, USB_ENDPOINT_IN,
            inBuffer, LEN_IN_BUFFER,readDataFromBuffer,NULL,0);
   QtConcurrent::run (this,&MyDeviceClass::eventThread);

The compiler suggests using &MyDeviceClass::readDataFromBuffer as a function pointer but that still throws an error. I tried using static members, and even static non-member functions but all in vain. Please help me in passing the callback to this function. I am using Qt, and probably won't like to use boost libraries. Please note that libusb_fill_bulk_transfer(...) is invoked inside a member function of MyDeviceClass.

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I made the member function static and prototype needed to be modified:

 static void LIBUSB_CALL readDataFromBuffer(struct libusb_transfer *);
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Ah ok, so it needs to be __stdcall. –  Pete Oct 22 '13 at 7:50

what is the compile error when you use a non member function?

Edit: this should be LIBUSB_CALL:

    void LIBUSB_CALL BulkTransferCallback(struct libusb_transfer *transfer) {
        // This assumes that you set transfer::user_data to be a pointer to 
        // an instance of the MyDeviceClass class.
        MyDeviceClass* mdc = reinterpret_cast<MyDeviceClass*>(transfer->user_data);

Then when you set the pointer, use:

transfer.callback = &BulkTransferCallback;

As you answered yourself, actually it should be __stdcall which is defined by LIBUSB_CALL. Their documentation should include this in the function pointer typedef to remove the ambiguity.

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I get following error in non-member function error C2664: 'libusb_fill_interrupt_transfer' : cannot convert parameter 6 from 'void (__cdecl *)(libusb_transfer *)' to 'libusb_transfer_cb_fn' –  adnan kamili Oct 21 '13 at 18:31

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