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when I use "E(hu)[12]" for selecting a vertex I get the following output:

[12] A  -- B

Now I need the names for these two vertices. How can I select the names/labels "A" and "B"? Thanks!

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You can use inc() when indexing a vertex set, to get the incident vertices of an edge. This is probably the most readable:

# Some example data
hu <- graph.ring(20)
V(hu)$name <- letters[1:20]

V(hu)[ inc(12) ]
# Vertex sequence:
# [1] "l" "m"

V(hu)[ inc(12) ]$name
# [1] "l" "m"
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Thanks, this works perfect! :) –  user2170547 Oct 21 '13 at 21:25

I guess I could finally figure it out

V(g)[get.edges(hu, E(g)[12])[1]]
V(g)[get.edges(hu, E(g)[12])[2]]

Seems a bit too complex but it works...

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