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my view model is very simple

var viewModel = {

    self: this,

    description: ko.observable('some description'),
    dateOfLost:  ko.observable('01/01/2012'),
    plaintiffFirmName: ko.observable('Johnson, Brand & Tall'),
    claimantName: ko.observable(),
    claimNum: ko.observable(),

    getFormData:function () {




but when I'm trying to access model from html page

<pre data-bind="text: ko.toJS($data)"></pre>

I'm getting error - Access denied. Can any one tell me why? please note that all the fields above that line binded properly

Many thanks

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Remove self:this from viewModel

var viewModel = {
    description: ko.observable('some description'),
    dateOfLost:  ko.observable('01/01/2012'),  

in current context this is window object. The same error you will get by calling ko.toJS(window)


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thank you so much - that's exactly what was it!!!! – Yuri Oct 21 '13 at 18:36

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