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It seems Google has managed to spider some of my heroku apps pages on the app sub domain i.e. myapp.herokuapp.com. I need to do a 301 redirect so all these pages point to the actual apps domain www.myapp.com

Any idea how I do this in Django? I see the redirect app only works for 404s so this won't be any good, and all the examples for RedirectView are for the domain path.

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possible duplicate of Heroku how to redirect http:// to http://www –  Alasdair Oct 21 '13 at 18:32

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You could use the Django Hostname redirects app and its middleware.

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This worked for me, but I needed to patch github.com/MidwestCommunications/django-hostname-redirects/blob/… to use request.META['HTTP_HOST'] instead of request.META['SERVER_NAME'] – the server name is always set to "" on Heroku. –  arexx Mar 13 at 21:10

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