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I'm trying to use the library "selenium-server-standalone-2.37.0.jar" in a project. The project was previously using "selenium-server-standalone-2.24.1.jar", but I think that is too out of date for my current version of Chrome.

When I tried to switch out the old jar for the new jar, though, I started getting the Eclipse error:

Description Resource    Path    Location    Type
Archive for required library: 'mypath/lib/selenium-server-standalone-2.37.0.jar' in project 'BookProject' cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file BookProject Build path  Build Path Problem

So I tried unpacking the jar with 7-zip, but in there I got the error:

Can not open file 'mypath/selenium-server-standalone-2.37.0.jar' as archive

Is this jar actually broken, or is there something I'm missing here? If this one isn't working, does anyone know where I could find the previous version? I couldn't find that anywhere.

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I'm using the jar mentioned above without problems. I downloaded it on October, 25th 2013. The build-time from the Manifest is 2013-10-18 17:14:00 –  mschenk74 Nov 14 '13 at 12:46
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If you are unable to open the jar even using 7-zip, then it's corrupt.

I'd recommend re-downloading it. Furthermore, when using eclipse, it might be a good idea to clear your dependency cache when upgrading things.. that usually solves things.


I suppose that it could be possible that the jar itself is just corrupt. If that's the case, try going to https://code.google.com/p/selenium/downloads/list and where it says "Search: Current Downloads" Select "Deprecated Downloads"

I still use

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I've tried redownloading it from multiple sites on Friday and today, so it seems like that isn't helping. (Although the download today was 10kb lighter, which is interesting.) And I did try deleting Eclipse's cache of bad jars, but I think it's a problem with the jar itself. –  CorayThan Oct 21 '13 at 19:24
answer edited -- –  sircapsalot Oct 21 '13 at 19:30
I can get it to resolve fine with 2.35.0. I'll try to send selenium a comment about this. –  CorayThan Oct 21 '13 at 19:51
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