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I have a table with a trigger that updates a column in the table after the insert. Problem is this is returning false:

  def insert(user: User, token: String) = {
    DB.withConnection {
      implicit connection =>
        SQL(INSERT_STMT).on("user_id" -> user.id, "token" -> token).execute()

The values get inserted correctly after the call but the function returns false. Any clues?

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You should use .executeUpdate() for DML's DDL's which return rowcounts/nothing

Learn more from here.

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I wish I knew more about SQL and Scala - so for the time I'll leverage my Google skills and take a shot at this - I believe this guy solved your question:


From the API, it would appear you get back false - if the result type is a rowcount:

Returns: true if the first result is a ResultSet object; false if the first result is an update count or there is no result

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