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I been giving a svn repo https://somedomain.com/svn/website/

To changes files on on the active site I commit changes to /svn/website/trunk which is linked to ~/web/www

Now I have been given subdomain dev.somedomain.com location on disk ~/web/dev I have been told to use tags/branches to upload files into dev folder be after reading the manual I have no clue how I should do this

I gues I have to link https://somedomain.com/svn/website/branches/dev to ~/web/dev

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That's about right. It sounds like you already have a dev branch in Subversion at ^/branches/dev. How do changes in ^/trunk make it to the ~/web/www folder? It could be that there's a Subversion working copy in that directory on disk. In that case you can use the same strategy to populate the ~/web/dev folder.

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Thanks i got it to work using a svn co in web/dev directory and using svn switch in that directory set correct branches thanks :-) –  DouglasDC3 Oct 22 '13 at 8:36

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