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I have seen answers that are close to what I am looking for. I want to add a product to the cart and also redirect to one page checkout in one single link tag from an email.

So far i have:

This successfully adds item to the cart, but does not re-direct to one page checkout. Is there any easy solution to add something to the url?

Ideally something like this?"one-page-checkout-link"

Thanks everyone!

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use this of way:… – ravi patel Oct 22 '13 at 4:23

If you add the parameter 'return_url' then this will work:


It will need to be url encoded and also will be checked with the function _isUrlInternal as you cannot redirect to external urls.

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Thanks David! You pointed me in the right direction. here is what did the trick:

If I had a higher rep I would vote you up.....

Thanks again.

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Please use the form_key for latest versions of magento.

For eg.,

Now the product will be add to cart in magento.

Note: Note the form_key in url

You can get the form key by using the below code:

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