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Im having trouble using pointers and references with this program. I dont understand it entirely. Im still pretty new at C and we only touched on pointers but haven't gone over it that much. Any help will be appreciated.

EDIT: Now it's not letting me input anything...

Here's my new code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#define F 703

int getStats(FILE *statsfp, int *patientID, double *weight, double *height, double *bodymassIndex);
double getBodyMassIndex(double weight, double height);
void printWeightStatus(FILE *statsfp, int patientID, double weight, double height, double bodyMassIndex);

void pause()
    char ans;

    printf("\nPress return to continue");
    scanf("%c", &ans);

int main() {

    FILE statsfp;
    int patientID;
    double weight, height, bodyMassIndex;

    getStats(&statsfp,&patientID, &weight, &height, &bodyMassIndex);

    return 0;

int getStats(FILE *statsfp, int *patientID, double *weight, double *height, double *bodyMassIndex)

    statsfp = fopen("patientStats.txt","r");
    if (statsfp == NULL)
        printf("\nFailed to open the %s file.\n", "patientStats.txt");

    printf("\nPatient ID\t Weight\t Height\t BMI\t Weight Status\n");

    while (fscanf (statsfp, "%d %lf %d", &patientID, &weight, &height) !=EOF)
        getBodyMassIndex(*weight, *height);

        printWeightStatus(statsfp, *patientID, *weight, *height, *bodyMassIndex);


    return 0;


double getBodyMassIndex(double weight, double height)
    double bodyMassIndex = 0;

    bodyMassIndex = (F*weight)/(height * height);

    return bodyMassIndex;


void printWeightStatus(FILE *statsfp, int patientID, double weight, double height, double bodyMassIndex)
    char *weightStats;

    if (bodyMassIndex < 18.5)
        weightStats = "underweight";
    else if (bodyMassIndex >= 18.5) 
        weightStats = "normal";
    else if (bodyMassIndex >= 25.0)
        weightStats = "overweight";
    else if (bodyMassIndex >= 30.0)
        weightStats = "obese";

    printf("%6d\t %6.2f\t %6.2f\t %s", &patientID,&weight, &height, weightStats);

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C doesn't have references. Only C++. So any troubles you're having are not related to references. –  abelenky Oct 21 '13 at 20:33
My class likes to combine things. Im doing C and C++ I guess? Im just trying to figure out how the pointers work. It's what Im suppose to do for my lab. –  Ultimania Oct 21 '13 at 20:36
Your printWeightStatus() function doesn't print anything, and is in fact a no-op as written. You should probably revisit its logic; it would be more normal to write a chain of mutually exclusive conditions, such as if (bmi < 18.5) ... else if (bmi < 25.0) ... else if (bmi < 30.0) ... else .... Your function getStats() is declared to return an int but never returns any value (no explicit return statement). Either change it to return void or so it returns, for example, 0 when all goes right and a -1 when something goes wrong. At the moment, returning void looks more plausible. –  Jonathan Leffler Oct 21 '13 at 20:45
I made changes to it, but I can't input anything. –  Ultimania Oct 21 '13 at 21:14
You should lose the & operators here: printf("%6d\t %6.2f\t %6.2f\t %s", &patientID,&weight, &height, weightStats); - %d expects an int, for instance, and you're trying to pass an int *. As for not letting you input anything, there are no input functions (other than file input) in your program, other than in pause(). –  Paul Griffiths Oct 21 '13 at 21:59

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Warning #1: Your getStats function can exit in two places, but only the first place actually returns a value. it should be some more like:

function getStats() {
  if (...) {
     return foo;
  return baz; <--missing this

Warning #2: You declare bodyMassIndex at the start of the function, but then pass it into printWeightStatus without ever having assigned a value to it:

Warning #3: Ditto, you declare statsFP, but pass it into a function without every initializing it, and THEN initialize it within getStats

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Your first error is that function getStats does not always return a value.

Indeed, when I look at the function, I don't see any return statement anywhere in the function.

When I look at the prototype, I see:

int getStats(...

indicating that it is supposed to return an int.

You should either change the function so that it returns an int, or change the declaration of the function to be void, indicating that it is not supposed to return a value.

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