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I'm trying to validate Swedish phonenumber using PHP's preg_match_all().


$pattern = '~(?>(\()?0\d(?(1)\))\s?+)?+\d\d\s?+(?>\d{3}\s?\d{3}|(?:\d\d\s??){3})~';

$haystack = 'bla bla bal 0701234567 bla 010-338000  bafdsa'; ...and so on..

Pattern should find:

  • 7-11 numeric chr (excluding separators, dash(-) and whitespaces( ).
  • Always start with an zero(0)
  • Between every number there is supposed to be an optional dash or whitespace.


012-34 56
012 34 56

Any suggestions?

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Perhaps something like:


So, a 0, followed by 6 to 10 groups of an optional space or dash followed by a digit.

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Great man, works like a charm! –  Line in Linus Oct 26 '13 at 23:21

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