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    "{" { //push scope;}
    "}" {
        //pop scope
        $$=new ASTNode_Block($2,..........)

I'm trying to implement block structures in bison. However, I am having troubles here to access $2 (returned value from multi_stmt)

ps: It's intended to not using "|" to separate them, thus i can have them executed in orders.

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Mid-rule actions also have numbers (but not, by default, return types). So the value of multi_stmt is $3, not $2.

$1 is the open brace (which I think should be '{', not "{" -- in bison, they are different --), $2 is the mid-rule action, $3 is multi_stmt and $4 is the close brace.

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Try with removing second { in line "{" {. If I understand correctly you intend to define a grammar rule { multi_stmt }, so the second { is a mistake here.

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