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I have created some actions to the view toolbar by using Action not commands. Now how do I get the all the actions available to that view toolbar?

Example. Created a view and added three actions called A,B,C now should return all three actions to this view.

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I assume you want to find the actions in your view part code. You can get the view tool bar manager using:

IToolBarManager toolBarMgr = getViewSite().getActionBars().getToolBarManager();

you can then find the contribution item for your action using:

IContributionItem actionItem = toolBarMgr.find("action id");

The item should be an instance of ActionContributionItem so you can use:

IAction action = ((ActionContributionItem)actionItem).getAction();
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Thanks!!! That what I need!! –  user2886754 Oct 22 '13 at 8:58

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