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I would like to test MongoDb replica set feature and have already configured 4 server instances for the followings:

-server 1: part of the shard (shard0000) -server 2: part of the shard (shard0001) -server 3: part of the shard (shard0002) -server 4: config server and mongos

With the above setting, sharding is working as expected. Next, we would like to configure server 3 to have a replica set (rs0) and serve as primary. So we add 2 more servers:

-server 5: for secondary replica set rs0 -server 6: for secondary replica set rs0

Would anyone share step by step what to do from here? Thanks.

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You will need to restart the soon to be primary with the --replica set setting and then do what it says in the documentation for adding the members –  Sammaye Oct 22 '13 at 10:16
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