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I am interested in being able to open the control panel through python using the win32 extension.

What I really want to be able to do is open the 'Internet Properties' panel (Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options), but I'd figured getting the control panel open would be a good enough start.

For those using Chrome, if you go to Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Change proxy settings... , the Windows 'Internet Properties' box shows us.

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According to this page and this one, you could use something like:

import win32api
import win32con

    '{0}\\control.exe Inetcpl.cpl'.format(win32api.GetSystemDirectory()),

# or

win32api.WinExec('control.exe Inetcpl.cpl', win32con.SW_NORMAL)

Internet Options dialog should pops up now.

Yon don't really need win32 extension for this, you can use something as simple as:

import os

os.system('{0}\\System32\\control.exe Inetcpl.cpl'.format(os.environ['WINDIR']))

# or

os.system('control.exe Inetcpl.cpl')
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